Life onboard

Your new house, for the next days, will be a sailboat. Just a few pointers for those of you who have never tried it.
There are just a few things to now about boats, but they are really important:

This is the key word, and for a good reason. You will eat, move, laugh and joke together, and you will also prepare meals, keep the common quarters tidy –kitchen and dinette (think of it as a living room!)
For people who are used to sailboats, our boats have a lot of room, but that won’t apply to everyone!
It is not a hotel: the boat goes from bow to stern and beyond that there’s the sea. Simply put, room is limited and therefore it is important to that everyone is respectful with every member of the crew.

Travel schedule
By its very nature, travelling at sea makes it impossible to stick to a detailed schedule of itineraries, because the journey is strictly dependent on factors like wind direction and waves; but this is part of its charm: we mostly get carried by the wind and follow its lead, in full freedom. Usually, at the beginning of the cruise, the skipper already possesses a general idea of what the weather conditions will be like in the following 4-5 days and he will use this knowledge to prepare the most convenient draft itinerary.

On boat:
You may fish, you may ride the tender to explore some secluded harbors, or you may disembark and visit the places that you’ve seen while sailing. We’ll sleep on roadstead in sheltered harbors or in equipped ports and piers that can dock leisure boats. For dinner you’ll always have the option of eating onboard or disembarking and eat in a typical restaurant on the pier.
You’ll have all the time you need to relax and have fun, and sail if we want to or just lie down on a tranquil, secluded beach, relish the pleasure of the slow-paced life of small ports or experience the crazy nightlife of the most lively tourist locations!
The sailboat is not a bus. The skipper may decide to change the sailing schedule at any time, based on weather conditions, to guarantee the safety and comfort of all participants. However, a forced stop due to bad weather can, as you can imagine, become an invaluable opportunity to discover inland treasures. Holidays on a sailboat are all about freedom: stops, legs and itineraries may all change according to the requests of the participants. This is a holiday, after all, and not a regatta.

The average day:
Every morning, after waking up in a bay, you may choose to take a swim in your “private swimming pool” and then eat a hearty breakfast. Then you’re off to your first sailing session of the day. At lunchtime you’ll eat on roadstead and you may relax from all the “hard work” of the morning by disembarking on a beach, either by swimming there or with the tender. You may also opt to have a nice nap onboard after lunch… in the afternoon, you will sail to the night docking location, which could be either on roadstead or on a pier or a small village. You may disembark and have a quiet stroll in the village, have a look around the city streets and discover the typical markets and bars of the area. In some locations, we may decide to stop for more than one day to visit museums, city centers, historical or natural landmarks… often breathtaking!

Our boats:
Our boat fleet  is expanding and currently we can proudly say that we possess the right boat regardless of your needs. Whether is a group, a couple or a single person, that’s not an issue, we can host anywhere from 2 to 12 people on boats or cats from 10 to 18 meters, fully equipped and with all the necessary facilities to ensure the best possible comfort during sailing and with a particular consideration of the environment.

The Skippers
The boat skipper is the commander and he/she is in charge onboard. He/she has the right and the privilege of deciding the itinerary and modifies it to ensure safety of the crew. The skipper is also in charge of the organization of deck activities, with the help of a hostess or a steward (if present) who will be in charge of the kitchen (with the help of everyone onboard). The skipper will be more than happy to teach the basic maneuvers of sailing to anyone interested, without any additional price and with guaranteed enjoyment, to ensure you know your “futtock” from your “baggywrinkle”.

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