3 Days in Venice by sailing boat

Varied and intense three days in Venice by sailing boat; we’ll experience Venice as you’ve never imagined and will certainly never forget. We’ll approach San Marco from the sea, like the great captains of old coming home to their beloved city.

We’ll explore the secluded streets of Venice, navigating peacefully along the canals to discover the hidden and mysterious islands in the magical confines of the lagoon. We’ll keep in mind through our journey that only a few waves away lies the open ocean, where the wind and the waves call to us their timeless challenge.

Useful Informations

  • Address for boarding:  Darsena Mosella at Sottomarina di Chioggia.
  • Boats: sailing boats from 10 to 15 mt, with 2/5 cabins and toilettes or catamaran 14mt 4 cabins and 4 toilettes
  • Dates: from 6th of february to 16th of November 2014
  • Duration: 3 days and 3 nights, from Friday night to Sunday
  • Participants: from 4 to 8 people + skipper


For Person

All Incllusive dal 06-02-2014 al 16-11-2014

Sailing Boat or Catamaran
490,00 €

Price includes: accommodation in double cabins and single bunks, insurance, fuel, food, harbour fee, skipper, final cleaning and sheets.
Does not include: travel to the place of embarkation Friday Chioggia’s dinner, drink and beverage, meals on the ground and anything not mentioned in “The price includes”.
N.B. The travel contract includes the only location of the place by boat and the price payable for the booking is € 340!
The assignment and the contract with the skipper will be made directly on board upon arrival and paid 2 week before boarding directly to the skipper, paying a lump sum of 200 € which also includes half-board service, fuel, marinas, shet and final cleaning.

Possible Itinerary

  • Thursday: You’ll arrive at Chioggia after dinner and board for a short presentation. Afterwhich we’ll disembark and take a walk through town. We’ll then spend the first night on the sailing boat
  • Friday: We’ll navigate through the open sea and re-enter the lagoon along the canal of Malamocco. We’ll pause and have lunch on board at Island Poveglia.
  • We’ll sail past the Island of San Giorgio and follow the canal of Santo Spirito to the port of San Marco. Here you’ll find the picturesque monuments: the Ducal Palace, the Basilica of San Marco, and the Bridge of Sighs.
  • We’ll disembark directly in San Marco Square on the Schiavoni shore. We’ll tour the better-known streets of Venice and maybe those more secluded.
  • After dinner, we’ll embark once more and navigate the nocturnal waters of Venice to a secure landing, followed by drinks to relax.
  • Saturday: After eating breakfast on the boat, we’ll voyage to the Park of Giudecca Island, from where you’ll be free to visit: the “zattere” (rafts), ghetto, Fenice Museum, Guggenheim, Correr Museum, Archeological Museum, Library of Marciana, Art History Library, and Ca’ Pesaro…after lunch we’ll return to the sea. We’ll sail along the famous beaches of Jesolo and Cavallino, following the wind. In late afternoon we’ll return, stopping at Lido for a walk along the “Granviale” and visit the Cinema Palace. After embarking once more, we’ll navigate the sparsely lit dreamworld of Venice to our landing. You’ll then enjoy a seafood dinner on the water, followed by friendly conversation before going to bed.
  • Sunday: In the morning, we’ll beach ourselves on the Island of Sant’Erasmo and take a nature walk. Then we’ll sail to Burano Island. Everyone will be free to eat lunch and walk around in the colorful streets. Afterwards, we’ll once more seek the wind on the open water. On the way back, we’ll skirt the Island of Pellestrina, admiring its colorful houses and enjoying the various hues together, reclining while the sun meets the sea, sipping a glass of wine, and eating a light snack to wrap up our excursion…wondering, can it only be three days we’ve spent on this amazing journey?

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