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TRAVEL SCHEDULE: by its very nature, sailing makes it impossible to respect a rigid travel itinerary, due to dependency on wind direction and waves. But this is part of its charm: we basically go freely where the wind leads us. Usually at the beginning of a cruise, the skipper will have general knowledge of the weather forecast for the following 4-5 days. According to the forecast, he will suggest the best possible course to follow.

Therefore, the original travel itinerary may be subject to changes and can be modified at any time by the skipper for safety, necessity or convenience reasons by him, and these decisions are not open for debate.

HOW TO RESERVE: once you have selected a holiday, you can verify its availability with an email or a phonecall. You will receive all pertinent information regarding the holiday and how many places are still available. Furthermore, we will send you a privacy form, the contract and the payment details. Your places will be reserved for the next two working days, to give you the time to organize the trip and confirm your reservations.

Important! Your reservation for the holiday will be confirmed only upon reception of the email or fax demonstrating the payment of the advance, and this confirmation may not be done over the phone! You must send back a signed copy of the holiday contract, after reading carefully all the boarding conditions.

The reservation system will automatically free the reserved spots if a copy of payment is not provided and we may not be able to guarantee availability once your initial reservation is expired.

Confirmation: in order to proceed with your purchase, we will need the following personal data of all participants:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Mailing address
  • Place and date of birth
  • Italian tax code (Italian Citizens only)
  • Telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • Which holiday you intend to participate to

Deadline for booking: up to book out. Suggestion: there’s a limited number of spots available for sailing holidays. To be certain of availability, please book as soon as possible!

Reservation: reservation is considered accepted once the journey organizer has verified availability and it will be completed upon confirmation by the organizer him/herself.

PAYMENTS: for one-day, weekend and extended weekend journeys, the entirety of the price is required.

For sailing cruises, an advance payment of 50% of the total amount must be transferred upon booking and the payment must be completed within 30 days of departure and in any case before June 29th. For early booking reservation, the payment must be completed before March 30th. If the holiday is booked in the 30 days before departure, the entire sum must be transferred.

PRICES: the single-boarding holiday is an economical solution affordable for everyone and not only the “lucky few”. Its price is not unlike a holiday at a hotel, tourist structure or bungalow, but unlike them it offers the extraordinary chance to experience closeness with nature, where the only limits will be the sun, the wind and the sea.

What it includes: the full price, to be paid before departure (see paragraph on payments) includes: the places on the boat, insurance.

What it does not include: travel up to boarding (unless otherwise stated), galley, fuel, port expenses (if applicable), crew expenses and everything not specifically stated under “included”.

Administrative expenses: registration costs and/or membership card amount to 30 € per person, to be paid upon booking.

All our holiday solutions require the presence of a skipper.

Our travel contract only includes the boat rental.

The skipper contract, who is in charge of the crew, as well as the payment of the obligatory and non-obligatory additional costs will be determined upon your arrival as the crew list is drafted.

EXTRAS: We deem fair to try and quantify the additional costs of the journey and the expenses for the skipper and services.

This is, of course, only an approximation. The real price may vary according to the number of participants and their behavior, for example, if you love eating fish every meal or if you would rather disembark every evening to enjoy pleasant dinners at the numerous local restaurants and bars, you will probably spend a little bit more.

For those who should require it, there is an additional linen service for 15 €, which includes upper and lower bed sheets, pillow cases and a small face towel (duvets and pillows are included in the basic fee). This service must be reserved before the journey.

Extra expenses include galley costs, fuel and docking expenses at ports if applicable.

These costs will be paid through a common fund or “kitty”. For simplicity’s sake each guest, once onboard, shall pool the same, established amount into a common fund, which together with the amount of the other guests will create what is commonly called a “kitty”.

Individual expenses Sailboat

  • 1 week end: 30-50  Euros
  • 1 week: 70-100  Euros
  • 10 days: 130-150  Euros

Individual expenses Catamaran / Maxi Yacht

  • 1 week end: 40-60 Euros
  • 1 week: 100-130 Euros
  • 10 days: 150-180 Euros

CANCELLATION AND CHANGES Journey cancellation by the company. The Organizer may cancel the journey without additional penalties should the minimum number of participants not be reached, exclusively in periods of low season and as long as the information is communicated within 10 working days from the departure date, or by force majeure causes excluding excess of reservations, by reimbursing the entire cost or -at the clients’ choice- by exchanging the journey with another one with another departure date, itinerary or boat.

Weekend clause: considering the Lessor’s need for prioritizing weekly rentals, the Lessor may opt to exchange a boat reserved for the weekend with a similar boat.

Should the Lessor be unable to exchange boat, he may warn the Conductor at least 5 days before departure and reimburse the advance payments.

Client cancellation: the client may terminate the contract without additional penalties in the following instances: increase in price in excess of 10%; significant modification of another essential element of the contract as proposed by the Organizer, subsequent to the signature of the contract before departure, without express acceptance by the client.

If the client terminates the contract for other reasons than the aforementioned instances, the following percentages of the individual price shall be withheld as penalty.

  • 10% for cancellation up to 30 working days before departure date
  • 25% for cancellation between 29 and 20 working days before departure date
  • 50% for cancellation between 19 and 10 working days before departure date
  • 75% for cancellation between 9 and 3 working days before departure date

No reimbursement shall be envisaged for cancellation beyond these terms. Working days are days from Monday to Friday.

The client may opt to be substituted by another person, provided that:

a) the Organizer is duly informed in writing at least 4 working days before the departure date, and at the same time he/she is informed of the personal data of the new participant.;

b) the substitute person meets all conditions to access the service (Art. 89 of the Italian Consumer Code), specifically requirements concerning passports, visas and heath certificates;

c) the substitute person shall pay to the Organizer all additional expenses necessary for said substitution, amounting to € 50.

The assignor and assignee shall be jointly responsible for the payment of the price balance, as well as the costs of paragraph c) herein. In reference to certain types of services, a third party supplier may not accept the change in assignation, even if said change is performed within the terms stated in paragraph a) herein. The Organizer shall be therefore not be held responsible of rejected modifications by third party service suppliers. Said reject shall be promptly communicated by the Organizer to the parties before departure.

LIABILITY AND COMPLAINTS: Liability for physical damages. Damages occurring from failure to comply with or inaccuracy in execution of services that are part of this tourist package can be indemnified within the limits of the international conventions that regulate these matters that Italy or the European Union subscribed, and in particular, within the limits of the Warsaw Convention dated 12/10/1929 concerning international flight transportation, transposed with Law n. 841 dated 19.05.1932, the Bern Convention dated 25/02/9162 on railway transportation, transposed with Law n. 806 dated 02/03/1963 and the Brussels Convention dated 23/04/1970 (CCV), transposed with Law n. 1084 dated 27.12.197, for any other possible instance of responsibility of the Organizer, as transposed into Italian legislation.

Complaints and lawsuits: each agreement breach must be notified promptly to enable the Organizer or his/her local representative or partner to correct it. The client must, under penalty of expiry, file a complaint with registered mail with return receipt to the Organizer or seller, within the 10 working days from the return date to the departure location.

Waiver: the Organizer shall not be held liable of physical damages or non-physical damages should the failed or inaccurate execution of the agreement be attributed to the participant or should said failed or inaccurate execution be due to third party, unforeseeable or ineluctable events, including accidents and/or force majeure.

The Organizer undertakes to provide the participant with any help he/she might need to enable him/her to continue the journey, without prejudice to the right to indemnification should the contract breach be attributed to incorrect execution of the participant him/herself.

INSURANCE the insurance policy shall not cover unattended personal items.

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