About Us

Alma del Mar is a travel agency with a highly ambitious mission: enable everyone to experience the amazing world of sailing. Our ships sail through the most spellbinding seas of the Mediterranean and beyond, bringing you to the most interesting destinations and cities, both touristically and culturally. We offer you an unforgettable holiday experience: an extraordinary journey that will be at the same time relaxing, entertaining and thrilling. A holiday with us, on a sailboat or on a sail catamaran will show you how life on a sailboat is not the privilege of the expert sailor or seafaring enthusiasts. It is a holiday within the reach of everyone who loves the sea, the sun, nature, the wind and good company.

Alma del Mar

The sailboats

Our boat fleet  is expanding and currently we can proudly say that we possess the right boat regardless of your needs. Whether is a group, a couple or a single person, that’s not an issue, we can host anywhere from 2 to 12 people on boats or cats from 10 to 18 meters, fully equipped and with all the necessary facilities to ensure the best possible comfort during sailing and with a particular consideration of the environment.

Weekly sailboat journeys

One or two weeks onboard will make you rediscover the joy in the small things. From waking up lulled by the waves of the sea to falling asleep under the multitude of stars you can only see from the sea, far from the light pollution of the cities. In 2013, our destinations will include Sicily with the Aegadian Islands and Aeolian Islands, Ionian Greece and the Tuscan Archipelago.

Weekends and national holidays

You may opt to spend one, two, three or four days aboard, according to your time and our boat availability. Throughout the year we offer you trips in the Venice Lagoon and Istria. In spring, tours of the Aegadian Islands in Sicily will also be available. Currently we have prepared two itineraries in Venice for the extended holidays of April 25 and 1 May 1. See all our itineraries for weekends and national holidays>

Other Initiatives

We prepare many initiatives throughout the year. A few examples? A Sailboat Journey as Christmas Gift (for those who want to make a very original gift for their loved ones).

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